Monday, 7 March 2011

Allotment Beginnings

So, after a period of being miserably ill I finally got to my allotment yesterday.
My Mum came and helped me plot out where each of the beds will be so that I can avoid walking on them and start tramping down the very uneven ground where the paths will be.
We took our little sticks and hundreds of metres of string and ferreted away, must remember to upload a photo.

We're heading back tomorrow to start planting/digging in earnest although yesterday she helped me cut up a rhubarb crown, giving me 6 plants from one and those all got a new home. They're the very first inhabitants of my allotment and it made me feel properly excited to see their little leaves poking out from the soil.
I'm incredibly pleased that I got a full plot and not a half plot as the full plot has proved to be a little too small for my giant dreams.
I am fully aware that I say this now and will probably live to regret it before too much longer - namely when the weeds start to run riot.
But, as it stands at the moment I'm struggling to find room for my cutting garden which was really important to me, however I think that will have to sit on a back burner, and maybe I'll be able to really fill out my garden with flowers now I won't be growing vegetables there any more.
I have got enough room to allow me to have a myriad of fruit beds on the plot though and this makes me really happy!

Now it's time to get out into the sunshine and into my own garden and start clearing things up and get my under cover veg seeds ready for the planting.

I also bought a cheap trellis, which I've carefully dismantled and am going to cut into good lengths, paint and use for plant markers on the allotment as I think the little white plastic chaps will get lost in the plot.

So tomorrow I'll be hoping to get the Jerusalem Artichokes planted into their plot, the first of the Asparagus in situ and hopefully the onions too. I've also got one each of a Redcurrant, Gooseberry, Blackcurrant & Tayberry bush to go in so it'll be nice to see real things in there! Mum kindly brought me some raspberries too so there's plenty of work to be getting on with.