Monday, 7 February 2011

Allotment Life

Well, I put my name on an Allotment waiting list. I spoke to the lady in charge of it, the existing allotments were in a field, of which three quarters had been converted to allotments. The farmer was in the process of ploughing up the remaining quarter, so she was readying a list for when it was complete.
I requested a half plot, then saw the error of my ways and requested a full plot instead. Allotments are in short supply and it seemed to make more sense to give half away if I couldn't use it than to have half and want more.

Because I have a bit of geek in me, I made a plan, to scale, of what I wanted to do with the space. This plan ended up being the size of one of my internal doors!
I made a list of what I wanted to grow, then I scoured my gardening books and established which varieties I wanted to grow. I went through all the seeds I already owned and made another order through the allotment society for more.

It's safe to say I have more than enough to fill a huge allotment at the moment.
But, I want to make sure to grow things that I cannot buy in the shops, or which are prohibitively expensive and which I don't have room to grow in my wee garden.
So, on my plan are areas for globe artichokes, asparagus beds (choosing varieties to extend the harvest period), then fruit beds for things like red, white & black currants, loganberries, gooseberries, etc.
I also want to grow unusual varieties like the Rubine Brussels Sprout. With the extra room I want to grow the vegetables that need a lot of time standing in the ground to whom I couldn't give up the space previously.
I'm also planning to have a large polytunnel so I can get lots of tomatoes & peppers growing.

The only real problem with the allotment is that there's no water so I'm going to have to be really careful about conserving it and finding a way to harvest as much as possible.

I've just started chitting my potatoes and this year I've chosen:
= International Kidney (First Early)
= Red Duke of York (First Early)

= Estima (Second Early)
= Cara (Main)
= Highland Burgundy Red (Main) - This one in particular is my can't-buy-in-the-shops variety, I'm looking forward to seeing it's red innards!

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