Monday, 31 August 2009

Sweet Chestnut

After the luck of finding the Medlar I didn't imagine that just a few days later I'd have more luck and find a Sweet Chestnut.
I've been keeping my eyes open for one of these as I absolutely adore roasted chestnuts.

The only downside to having found this fellow is that it's located in a Carr (which I've found out means a wet woodland). That sounds pretty enough. However, when I took this photo I was standing on a boardwalk and ideally you need to collect these chestnuts when they've fallen to the ground. I don't even want to guess how boggy that ground is going to be. I don't know that I even dare find out!
Bizarrely, after having looked out for these for months, as I was driving home I spotted another one in someone's garden!

Then yesterday as I walked locally I noticed that a large farmhouse has three of these trees in its back garden!
So, I've found five trees and all of them are inaccessible. That's just mean!

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