Monday, 29 June 2009

June 28th


=Cucumber (Fempot)

= Alpine Strawberry (Mignonette) - I missed exactly when these started to come up but it's good to see so many have grown as I really didn't expect any to at all, I'm looking forward to them getting big enough to find them homes in the garden and see how much fruit I get next year.

Radishes all went crazy and went from being ready to eat to overripe so quickly I missed them and am really cross at myself for that.
Spinaches both bolted, although the Bordeaux made its move much earlier. I have left them in the ground until I have time to replant some new seeds in their place. As it is the leaves are perfectly edible so I don't want to waste them.
The same is true of the rocket which went crazy and bolted. It has few leaves on its spindly stems but I don't want to dump them in the compost, I'd rather dump them in a salad.
I'm really cross at myself, but the weather forced the raab to bolt too and that I couldn't save. It seems to have a really small window as I know the exact same thing happened last year as it was one of the few things I tried to grow, it went from nothing to bolted incredibly fast.

June 27th


= Peas (Sugar Bon/Kelvedon Wonder)

Monday, 22 June 2009

June 16th

Went out foraging for elderflower, finally!
Picked up a big bag and headed out to grab myself some of those flowers.
I have since established I'm rather short and unable to reach the higher branch, I need to get my hands on a walking stick so I can hook the higher branches.
Got it home and made up my first batch of elderflower cordial, now I've got to get out and try a few different recipes.
I'm also waiting for some Gum Arabic to arrive so I can use the elderflower to make some lozenges, really looking forward to that!


Lettuce (Webbs Wonderful)
Baby Carrots (Early Nantes 5 & Parmex)
Was good to be able to eat the thinnings, I don't think I'll ever stop being surprised at how sweet they are straight from the ground, eaten minutes after picking. Just wonderful!

May 29th

Harvested: Salad Leaves.