Thursday, 30 April 2009


What To Plant In March

=Artichoke (Globe)*
=Asparagus Pea
=Beetroot (Boltardy/Chioggia Pink/Perfect 2/White Beetroot/Yellow Beetroot)
=Broad Bean (The Sutton (Dwarf))
=Broccoli (Early Purple Sprouting/Summer Purple)
=Carrot (Autumn King/Early Nantes 2/Early Nantes 5/Parmex/Yellowstone)
=Celeriac (Niva)
=Cress (American) **
=Cucumber (Long White)**
=Dwarf Bean (Tendergreen)***
=Kohl Rabi (Blusta/Green Delicacy/Purple Delicacy)
=Leek (King Richard)
=Lettuce (Batavia-Red Greobloise/Romaine Ballon/Salad Bowl Red & Green/Saladin/Webbs Wonderful/Wonder of 4 Seasons)
=Onion ((Japanese Bunching) Ishikura/White Lisbon)

=Parsnip (Gladiator/White Gem)
=Pea (Ambassador/Early Onward/Feltham First/Serpette Gilloteau/Sugar Bon/Kelvedon Wonder/Meteor)
=Raab Cima di Rapa
=Radish (Cherry Belle/French Breakfast/Long White Icicle/Sparkler 3/Zlata)
=Salad Leaves/Cut & Come Again

=Salad Onion (Ramrod)
=Scorzonera (Geante Noire de Russie)

=Sorrel (Blood Veined)
=Spinach (Bordeaux/Castor F1/F1 Tetona)
=Swiss Chard (Lucullus)
=Tomatillo Green
=Tomato (Ildi)
=Turnip (Veitch's Red Globe)

Indoors/Cold Frame/Greenhouse

=Alpine Strawberry (Mignonette)
=Artichoke (Globe/Purple Globe Romanesco)*
=Aubergine (De Barbentane/Moneymaker)
=Basil (Lemon/Sweet Genovese)
=Broad Bean (The Sutton (Dwarf))
=Brussels Sprout (Trafalgar F1)
=Cauliflower (All The Year Round)
=Celery (Green Sleeves)
=Chopsuey Greens/Garland Chrysanthemum
=Courgette (All Green Bush)
=Cress (Fine Curled)

=Cucumber (Burpless Tasty Green F1)
=Kale (Black Tuscany)

=Leek (Bleu de Solaise)
=Lettuce (Lobjoits Green Cos)
=Onion (Purplette)
=Pepper (Californian Wonder/Sweet Chocolate)
=Sprouting Seeds (Alfalfa/Mung Beans)
=Squash (Sunburst F1)

=Strawberry Sticks/Chenopodium Foliosum
=Tomato (Cerise/Gardeners Delight/Ildi/Moneymaker/Rio Grande/Roma/Striped Stuffer/Sub-Arctic Plenty)

Plant Out

Cutting Garden
=Alstroemeria (Ligtu Hybrids) - plant out

=Brachycome (Iberidifolia Mixed)**
=Cornflower (Tall Tutu)

=Didiscus (Madonna Mixed)**
=Gomphrena (QIS White)*
=Liatris (Floristan White)*
=Poppy (Mother of Pearl)
=Rudbeckia (Rustic Dwarfs Mixed)*
=Sweet Pea
=Verbena (Bonariensis)*


* I chose to sew mine into cardboard tubes inside, rather than risk the temperature dipping too low, but I guess this really depends on where you are.

** Under glass only.

*** Only late March under cloches.

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